I was born in a very small village in the region of Empordà (Girona, Catalonia) in 1987.

I developed my interest for art soon, and my practice went from portraiting my beloved pets to studying art in a regional high school and getting a Fine Arts degree by the Universitat de Barcelona. During this experience I had the chance to take a scholarship in the Facultade das Belas Artes in the Universidade do Porto (Portugal) and participate in some exhibitions. That experience not only opened my mind but also triggered new interests in me, such as animation, motion expression or printmaking. After finishing my degree I travelled and I got the chance of meet wonderful people who thought me into the recycled material furniture design in Bon Eco Design (Tamworth, Ontario, Canada) and art gallery management in Academy Gallery (Bath, Ontario, Canada). Once back in Barcelona, I joined the Barcelona Academy of Art in their drawing and painting intensive program, where after a while I started teaching as an assistant and later on as a full time teacher.

My work has been exhibited in Spain, Portugal, Canada and Estonia.


2015 – Barcelona Academy of Art. Drawing and painting program.

2017 – Florence Academy of Art Sweden. Workshop in oil portrait.

2012 – Facultat de Belles Arts de la Universitat de Barcelona. Fine Arts Degree.

2011 – Faculdade das Belas artes da Universidade do Porto. Scholarship in Fine Arts.

2008 – Escola de Mitjans Audiovisuals, Barcelona. Video and Photo techniques undergraduate course.


2018 – “Aina Clotas” Mas Pi, Verges

2017 – “Transparent” Cicle Lúcid, La Sala de Torroella i Museu de la Mediterrània. Torroella de Montgrí, Spain.

2016 – “We prefer confusion” Tartu artist in Residence. Tartu, Estonia.


2014 – “First generation alumni show” Museu d’Art Modern. Barcelona, Spain.

2012 – Empordoneses. Figueres, Spain.

2012 – “Zootropio” Facultade das Belas Artes. Porto, Portugal.

2012 – Bon Eco Design. Tamworth, Canada.

2012 – “Metiendo la caña” We are Fow. Barcelona, Spain.

2011 – Empordoneses. Figueres, Spain.

2011 – “Parking”. Vila-real, Portugal.


2016 – Tartu Artist in Residence. Tartu, Estonia.


2012 – Bon Eco Design. Tamworth, Canada.

2012 – The Academy Gallery. Bath, Canada.